A Lesson in Gratitude

It’s time to start being grateful, people. I really mean that. More than anything else I can encourage you to do when it comes to being happy and finding peace, is to be grateful for what you already have.

If you read up a little on the Law of Attraction, one of the most recurring themes you will come across is acknowledging all of the blessings that life has already given you. And there are plenty!

It’s easy to forget to be thankful for what we have; it’s easy to take everything for granted and still want more. This is a guaranteed fast track to bitterness and dissatisfaction. The human condition has evolved in recent generations to be more than comfortable with the idea that, “If I just had this, then I’d be happy…”

We move our own goalposts….We’re unfair on ourselves and by doing this very thing, we move forward with our ego, not our soul.

Grateful affirmations seem obvious, they seem all too easy, and for that reason alone, the very act of saying to ourselves, “I am grateful for…”, like so many other things, gets taken for granted and is forgotten.

What are you grateful for?

The funny thing is, affirmations of gratitude are the ones that will become the easiest to believe once you start, because we all have something to be grateful for.

I am grateful for everything I have.

I am grateful for the roof over my head.

I am grateful for the food in my belly.

I am grateful for the family and friends that I have around me.

I am grateful for the love I am surrounded by every day.

I am grateful for every breath that I take.

I am grateful for the opportunities and the lessons that life has already given me.

Pick a few (or all) of the above and start saying them yourself over and over… you’ll start to believe it. That little flutter will begin in the pit of your stomach. You’ll say each one with more conviction. You’ll put a smile on your face and you’ll have started to build a connection with your own soul, and the universe, that no amount of ego can shake.

This is the first step.

Trust me, the universe is about to start showing you even more that you have to be grateful for. You’ll see.

Time to open your eyes.


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