In the beginning…

Where do I start? The beginning usually seems like the most obvious answer, but often the most obvious answer isn’t always the best option. I should probably start by telling you a little about myself…I am many things, if we’re being honest. I am a mother, I am a writer, and I am a spiritualist. The vast majority of the time in that order, but sometimes the lines get blurred 😉

I wasn’t always any of those things. I have come a long way in my 32 years and I have learned an awful lot about myself; more so recently than ever before. But, we are creatures of evolution, and we never really stop learning. What I know to be true of myself now, may change in the future (aside from my being a mother…that one is going to stick). More than anything else, I want to document my journey; immortalise what I learn from here on in in the words I so readily love, while sharing some of what I’ve already learned and hopefully, hopefullyhelping a few souls along the way.

So, what’s the point of all this?

Quite simply, to be happy.

It’s such a basic concept, yet it eludes so many of us. We’re so bombarded and awash with everyone else’s ideas of what happiness should feel like, look like, taste, smell, and sound like, that we’ve created a state of mind where we see happiness as an external point of being.

Human beings, on the whole, seek happiness.

So, what happens when you stop seeing happiness as something to attain? Something to aspire to? Something just out of reach?

Well, you start being happy 🙂


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